Friday, April 5, 2013

Financial Computation WebServices

This is the feedback page for "Financial Computation WebServices" a Restful web service of frequently used financial computations that I created and made available online to everyone, free of charge.

The service includes:

  • Loan balance & loan payment computations
  • Future value computations
  • Annuity investment and annuity withdrawal computations

  • And as time permits, I will be adding many more.

    This service is my giving back, in a small way, to the awesome software development community which have so enriched my life. Thank you to everyone who's ever written a book, a blog, or posted a comment anywhere. I am here because you did.

    Click here to visit the Financial Computation WebServices page.

    If you wish, comment below and let me know how you are using the services. Are there any computations you would like me to add?

    Thank you,

    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    How I got out of my AT&T iPhone contract without paying the ETF

    The AT&T customer service employee nicely explained that I still had about seven months left in the two year contract and that I would have to pay a fee of about $200 dollars for early termination. I was aware of the Early Termination Fee (ETF) and was willing to pay. However, the rep said, I would avoid paying the fee if I could find someone else to take over the remaining contract payments. That is great, let me find a willing partner and I will call you back, I said, thank you so much.

    I placed this ad on craigslist for an iPhone unlimited data plan contract and within 24 hours I had a buyer. I called AT&T, they conferenced in the new account owner-to-be, and within five minutes the deal was done. Sweet.

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    iPhone Vs iPhone

    The Verizon iPhone is finally here and, for the first time in the USA people are free to choose their network carrier. Well almost free to choose, we still cannot get the phone on the smaller carriers, but at least now the two main carriers have it. The question now is, which is better, the "new" Verizon phone or the "old" AT&T phone. The answer is ... it depends. According to published reports the Verizon network is more reliable, the iPhone drops fewer calls. On the other hand the AT&T data network is reportedly faster, it lets you surf the web while you talk on the phone, and its technology is more ubiquitous, meaning your phone is more likely to function when you travel outside the US. I have had an AT&T iPhone since 2007, and now that I have a choice, will I switch? Well, let us examine the mentioned feature differences:

    1. The Verizon Network is more reliable, the iPhone drops fewer calls
    I have owned an AT&T iPhone since the first generation and dropped calls have never been a big problem. I have always had good signal quality wherever I travel in the country and overseas. on the few occasions when I have had dropped calls, I just redialed and continued with my conversations without much interruption.

    2.  The AT&T data Network is up to 20% faster, allowing for faster internet surfing, downloads and uploads
    The iPhone is my internet modem, my music box, my radio, and my movie theater (yes, it connects to larger screens). I do a lot of web surfing, a lot of video and audio streaming and I need the network to be faster, not slower.

    3. The AT&T phone works in more places overseas
    I have used my phone on travels through South America, Africa and Europe with no hassle anywhere. Not needing to switch phones when I travel has been invaluable ($$$).

    4. The AT&T phone lets you talk and surf the web at the same time
    I do this on a daily basis. I am always retrieving links, emailing and performing other online tasks while talking  on the phone. Remember when you had an AOL internet account which tied up your phone line and kicked you off the internet whenever somebody called? Ouch!! sorry to bring up painful memories, but I wanted to make a point to those old enough to remember. I am not going back there.

    I have had a love affair with my phone for over three years and enjoy the features that I get on the old AT&T network. So...

    There you have it. An unbiased and concise review for the rest of us.

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    My new gig ...

    when I arrived at the NWA Airport to Interview for a C/UNIX programmer position at WalMart's headquarters in BentonVille Arkansas, I could not find my wallet. I went to inquire with the airline operator but the plane which brought me here had already left for Atlanta. So there I was in the Airport with no ID and no phone (I have this cool wallet which also serves as a cover for my phone). 

    Somehow I was able to convince the people at the car rental company counter to rent me a car without a driver's license. (WalMart has a lot of pull in Arkansas, mention WalMart and doors open magically). I arrived at the hotel at about 11pm, still decent hours, but I was not able to sleep for a minute the whole night. I called all the credit card companies and banks, and then I stayed up all night wondering if my cards had been used prior to me reporting them lost. Most of all I missed my IPhone, I had survived all my life without one and now for whatever reason I felt lonely and couldn't sleep. 

    The interview sessions at WalMart lasted 6 hours (8am - 2pm). Between presentations, waiting my turn (I think we were about 12 people being interviewed for similar positions that day), and talking to different folks, I suspect I was caught nodding a few times. I am not absolutely sure if I actually slept through the interviews because nobody mentioned it, but I did not get a job offer either, lol. 

    As soon as I got back home from that trip, somebody called asking me to interview for a C++ Developer position right here in Texas. Boy was I ready! 
    I got a better job in the financial industry, which dovetails quite nicely with my MBA in Finance, in the great city of Austin, TX. I could not be any happier with the way things turned out. 

    In life one never knows what comes for good or bad. you just roll with the punches, doing your best at all times and let the good Lord sort out the details.